Arbele announces early safety data for novel CDH17xCD3 bispecific T-cell engager at American Society of Clinical Oncology Breakthrough Meeting​


Cadherin-17 (CDH17) Cancer Target CDH17 is an adhesion molecule from the cadherins family and assumes a significant role during embryogenesis and for maintenance of water-tight junctions in gastrointestinal tract. Our founder/CEO Dr John Luk identified and patented CDH17 as a therapeutic cancer target, where aberrant expressions of CDH17 is closely associated with the development, progression […]


Drug MOA Indication Discovery Pre-Clinical Phase 1 Notes TriAx platform ARB202 CDH17/CD3 TCE GI cancers NCT05411133 ARB203 Bispecific TCE GI cancers ARB204 Bispecific TCE Advanced GI cancers ARB301 Tri-specific TCE Advanced GI cancers Antibody drug conjugate (ADC) ADC001 Photosensitizer Advanced GI caners ADC002 Photo-caged photosensitizer Advanced GI caners ADC003 FDA-approved drug Advanced GI caners Cell […]


TriAx multispecific antibody platform Arbele’s proprietary multispecific antibody platform is designed for greater efficacy in GI cancer treatment through the combination of multiple anti-tumor mechanisms. Arbele has developed a family of multispecific antibodies, based around two novel core structures. These ‘TriAx’ antibodies are designed for low antigenicity, stability, and desirable bio distribution and pharmacokinetic properties. Anti-tumor mechanisms incorporated into TriAx antibodies includes redirection […]

Advanced Cell Therapy

Arbele has developed its proprietary technology mainly around two platforms: next-generation chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells and multi-specific T-cell engaging antibodies. To effectively address formidable pro-tumor mechanisms within a solid tumor microenvironment (TME), Arbele’s non-viral CAR vectors are engineered for multiple anti-tumor CAR cell activities such as targeting more than one tumor antigen, reversal […]


Technology Arbele has developed proprietary technology platforms to generate new Immunotherapeutics possessing multiple anti-tumor mechanisms for greater efficacy.  Cutting-edge proprietary technologies to address solid tumors: AI-CAR/NK cell therapeutic platform TriAx multipspecific antibody platform  pAC01 single-vector system for trispecific biomanufacturing in CHO cells CA-17 diagnostics (for tissue and liquid biopsies) – companion and POC tests Arbele is harnessing this successful […]

Our Focus

Our Focus Gastrointestinal Cancers Gastrointestinal cancers presents a pressing challenge marked by unmet medical needs. Stomach, pancreas, colon, bile duct, and liver cancers collectively bear a significant burden, characterized by their high mortality rates and limited treatment alternatives. The complexity of these malignancies demands a new era of innovative therapeutic interventions that can effectively target the intricate molecular pathways driving […]

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