Advanced Cell Therapy

Arbele has developed its proprietary technology mainly around two platforms: next-generation chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells and multi-specific T-cell engaging antibodies. To effectively address formidable pro-tumor mechanisms within a solid tumor microenvironment (TME), Arbele’s non-viral CAR vectors are engineered for multiple anti-tumor CAR cell activities such as targeting more than one tumor antigen, reversal of tumor immunosuppression and the recruitment and activation of additional effector cell types and cytotoxic activities. Certain vector genes are engineered to be expressed only in response to the local tumor microenvironment to ensure greater safety and efficacy. These otherwise quiescent CAR cells are stimulated by tumor cells or other components of the TME to generate an artificially enhanced immune response and thus function as artificial immunosurveillance CAR cells or “AI-CAR”.

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