TriAx multispecific antibody platform

Arbele’s proprietary multispecific antibody platform is designed for greater efficacy in GI cancer treatment through the combination of multiple anti-tumor mechanisms. Arbele has developed a family of multispecific antibodies, based around two novel core structures. These ‘TriAx’ antibodies are designed for low antigenicity, stability, and desirable bio distribution and pharmacokinetic properties. Anti-tumor mechanisms incorporated into TriAx antibodies includes redirection of T/NK cell cytotoxicity, inhibition of immune check points, phagocytosis and enhancement of an adaptive immune response.

Antibody drug conjugate

ADCs are developed from our proprietary library of >300 anti-CDH17 monoclonal antibodies. The ADCs are designed to deliver cytotoxic drugs to CDH17-overexpressing tumors, thereby maximizing the killing effect and at the same time reducing the adverse effects on normal tissues. One of the lead molecules utilize a novel anti-tumor MOA depending on the cytotoxic property of the conjugated photosensitizer upon photoactivation. This system offers an effective treatment with additional safety benefits. 

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