Cadherin-17 (CDH17) Cancer Target CDH17 is an adhesion molecule from the cadherins family and assumes a significant role during embryogenesis and for maintenance of water-tight junctions in gastrointestinal tract. Our founder/CEO Dr John Luk identified and patented CDH17 as a therapeutic cancer target, where aberrant expressions of CDH17 is closely associated with the development, progression […]


Drug MOA Indication Discovery Pre-Clinical Phase 1 Notes TriAx platform ARB202 CDH17/CD3 TCE GI cancers NCT05411133 ARB203 Bispecific TCE GI cancers ARB204 Bispecific TCE Advanced GI cancers ARB301 Tri-specific TCE Advanced GI cancers Antibody drug conjugate (ADC) ADC001 Photosensitizer Advanced GI caners ADC002 Photo-caged photosensitizer Advanced GI caners ADC003 FDA-approved drug Advanced GI caners Cell […]


TriAx multispecific antibody platform Arbele’s proprietary multispecific antibody platform is designed for greater efficacy in GI cancer treatment through the combination of multiple anti-tumor mechanisms. Arbele has developed a family of multispecific antibodies, based around two novel core structures. These ‘TriAx’ antibodies are designed for low antigenicity, stability, and desirable bio distribution and pharmacokinetic properties. Anti-tumor mechanisms incorporated into TriAx antibodies includes redirection […]

Advanced Cell Therapy

Arbele has developed its proprietary technology mainly around two platforms: next-generation chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells and multi-specific T-cell engaging antibodies. To effectively address formidable pro-tumor mechanisms within a solid tumor microenvironment (TME), Arbele’s non-viral CAR vectors are engineered for multiple anti-tumor CAR cell activities such as targeting more than one tumor antigen, reversal […]


Tiberias Technology, one of the subsidiaries of Arbele, is dedicated to pioneering advancements in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) specifically tailored for the prevention, detection, and management of GI cancers. Our comprehensive array of cutting-edge solutions encompasses blood and tissue diagnostics, alongside efficient point-of-care tests. These innovations collectively cover every crucial juncture of […]

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